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Cityplus: A Year of Achievements and Growth

As we excellerate towards christmas and bid farewell to 2023 over the christmas period, it's with immense pride and gratitude that we reflect on the extraordinary journey Cityplus has had this year. In February, we marked a pivotal moment in our trajectory, transitioning from a DA firm to a robust Network after what felt like a lifetime of planning, execution, trial & error. This transformation set the stage for a series of milestones that define the success we've experienced in the past twelve months.

Strengthening Our Network

Welcoming new ARs and advisers has been a cornerstone of our growth strategy. Their dedication and expertise have seamlessly integrated into the Cityplus way of life, propelling us to new heights. Our commitment to excellence is further evidenced by the expansion of our PMI & Business protection panel, broadening our service offerings to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Diversification and Innovation

In 2023, Cityplus embraced innovation with the introduction of Equity Release—a move that not only diversified our portfolio but also gave another string to our network members bow's.. Navigating the implementation of the consumer duty and the new regulatory AR Regime demonstrated our adaptability and commitment to industry standards. It has certainly been a challenge at times, but one we have welcomed and embraced. One thing for sure is that the senior management of Cityplus really get in the trenches, roll their sleeves us and stand side by side with our network members when the going gets tough and go the extra mile in simplifying regulation for easy to adopt measures.

Economic Challenges and Strategic Navigation

In the face of a dynamic economic landscape and the challenges posed by inflation and the cost of living crisis, Cityplus has remained steadfast in its commitment to supporting advisers. We understand the concerns surrounding the BTL market, and we've proactively engaged in stress testing scenarios and product awareness to ensure that our advisers are well-prepared to assist with BTL queries.

Empowering Advisers for Success

One of our key initiatives this year was the introduction of a online BDM booking system. This has proven to be a game-changer, allowing our lending partners to schedule meetings efficiently and facilitating communication with BDMs. We are thrilled to report that not only was it welcomes by BDM's, at times, we witnessed an impressive 2 to 3 BDM meetings a week, a testament to the effectiveness of this new system, ease and lending partners wanting to update our advisers on the latest updates and USP's. We will continue to welcome any opportunity to develop our knowledge.

Skill Enhancement for Sustained Success

In response to the evolving landscape, Cityplus has proactively invested in the professional development of our advisers. We've rolled out new training modules aimed at equipping them with the skills necessary to navigate product lines, market changes and ensure a continuous income stream. Our commitment to the success of our advisers remains unwavering, and we're proud to see them embrace new skills and strategies with enthusiasm.

Embracing Change and Expansion

One of our proudest achievements is the launch of the CPTV channel for 2024. This exciting addition represents our dedication to providing valuable content, insights, and updates to our community. Our collaborations with lenders and packagers have flourished, empowering our advisers to write more business and fostering stronger partnerships within the industry and this will no doubt continue into 2024.

Recognition and Validation

Cityplus proudly underwent two external audits in 2023, both of which underscored our commitment to maintaining strong foundations. These successful audits validate the hard work and dedication of every member of our network so from us, thankyou for your support!

A Glimpse into 2024

As we eagerly anticipate the dawn of 2024, our focus remains steadfast on growth and excellence. We plan to expand our network through the acquisition of new advisers and AR firms. Exploring strategic objectives, enhancing our proposition further, and introducing new training & development modules to upskill our team are key initiatives on our agenda.

Gratitude and Excitement

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed to our success—our team, network members, partners, clients, and stakeholders. Your commitment, hard work, and pursuit of excellence have laid the foundation for what promises to be an extraordinary 2024. Buckle up; it's going to be one hell of a year!

Here's to a fantastic 2023, and an even brighter future!

Warm regards,

Cityplus Network

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