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Co-pilot initiative

Supporting you to reach your business full potential


Whether you specialise in  mortgages, insurance, wills, trust or estate planning, commercial or bridging finance, running a business can be a complex and frightening place. The risks of making the wrong decision can be high, and (dare we say) even life-changing. They’re often some of the biggest decisions we make in life.


That’s why you need a partner to trust – one who can guide you through the maze to the right solutions. Someone who’s neutral and aware of the subtleties can offer an outside-in opinion. A trusted partner like Cityplus.

At Cityplus, we make business planning as collaborative and straightforward as possible. We know that planning for the next year or deciding on growth or retention plans can be a daunting process. If you have solidly focused working in the business, sometimes it's difficult to work on the business. 


With Cityplus "Co-pilot" initiative you’ll get clear, concise, honest advice – and essentially another viewpoint to give you the best chance of your business flourishing.  What’s more, we know your time as a business leader is precious so we’re happy to meet at a time that’s right for you – by phone, Skype, Facetime, or even good old face-to-face.


What is Co-Pilot?

We appreciate with all the best intentions we like to step out of the business to look in, but it never gets done. That's why we have created our consultancy approach to dedicate time with you to review, implement and test ideas and provide critical oversight feedback. 

6 Monthly business review

Review of the firm level MI, identifying any concerns, conducting trend and GAP analysis. We'll also discuss best practise ideas. We'll hold you accountable to achieve your business goals. 

Yearly Strategy Meeting

At this meeting, the first part will be a 6 month business review and assessment of any action points from the first review. The second part of the meeting will be an analysis and evaluation of the firms business MI, targeted CRM analysis and reviewing product gaps .We'll also utilising GAP analysis and PESTLE with suggestions for your consideration. Our main priority is to ensure firm principles have targeted support that is personalised to their business to attract and retain new business. 


We'll also suggest other income generating strategies & activities that could help build your business and assist you with updating your business plan. These support sessions will be offered will be offered in person or face to face. 

Our Co-Pilot business development scheme will be £FREE to firm business principles.

At Cityplus, we recognise that it’s not always easy for advisers to compare networks against each other and understand the mountain of options and choices from various companies. That’s why we give customers our Cityplus pledge to simplify the comparison with;

  • Direct access to a director at outset to discuss whether we are the right fit for your business. 

  • Dedicated onboarding specialist to onboard you with Cityplus whether you are a new starter or experienced adviser transitioning from another network

  • A clear, concise breakdown of our package of support and commission rate card. 

  • A dedicated compliance and sales manager for your business.

  • Ongoing open door policy to the directors

  • Ongoing yearly support through our "Co-pilot" initiative. 

How do we work? 

Cityplus was born from advisers who have previously been advisers. After an initial discovery call or meeting with our directors, we’ll explore your circumstances, objectives, non-negotiable's and what you are looking for from a network. We know our strengths and are sure to tick almost, if not all, on your checklists.  We’ll check we are a right fit for you and your business and get you to the right solution swiftly and efficiently. 


Let’s chat, and start the process of establishing the right network solution for you. 

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to fail. 

After all, knowledge is 

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