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About us

The toolkit every broker needs

Cityplus is the modern day network developed to support SME's ranging from one man bands to small brokerages that feel isolated, lonely or receive lack of support. Cityplus will provide the level of guidance and support required to operate in the intermediary space. 

We do this through the sharing of best practise, social groups, round tables, workshops and extensive support. 

We're mindful to not be overbearing but assist you with a clear structure to develop, to be different. 

Cityplus is an all-encompassing network that works hard to simplify the Network-AR model and build great relationships with our partners. 


We agree. Choosing networks is difficult to navigate with various nuances and requirements depending on differing business models. 


Whether you’re a brokerage offering mortgages, insurance, wills, trust or estate planning, commercial, business finance - financial planning for your clients can be a complex and frightening place. The risks of making the wrong decision can be high, and (dare we say) even life changing. They’re often some of the biggest decisions we make in life.


That’s why you need a network to trust – one who can guide you through the maze to the right solutions. Someone who’s neutral and aware of the subtleties and criteria of the Financial Services industry and can provide you with your complete toolkit to get the job done. A trusted partner like Cityplus Network. 

Cityplus will be the toolkit every broker needs in their back pocket to do the job well, first time - every time. 


We work exclusively in partnership with you and your business. 

Cityplus pledge to support you to double your business in 2 years. 

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